The Owners

The Old Mill began as a dream for Rob when he was a young child. He grew up just a mile from here and would spend his summers playing and exploring the Dry Creek canyon, vowing one day to make his home in this beautiful place. In 1979 he and Rhonda, another Star Valley native, were married with 3 kids when they bought their current home and land. In the years that followed they added 4 more children to their family, and Rob started his own lumber company, Dry Creek Lumber & Steel, where he was the owner and operator of a medium sized sawmill and logging outfit. As his children grew older, each worked for him during their summers, logging, cleaning cabins, mowing lawns, or moving irrigation pipes. It was in 1996 that ground was broke, a bridge built, and The Aspen and The Lodgepole cabins were built by hand by Rob, his sons, brothers, and friends. It truly was a family affair. Once completed, Rhonda who has passion for interior design set out to decorate the cabins, searching for just the right pictures, bedspread, lamps, and antiques to fill the cabins, and make them the warm and welcoming oasis they are today. The Cottonwood cabin was added in 2000, and the Old Farm house, which is original to the property, was renovated in 2004, it now serves for weddings and other events. With more cabins planned for the future, the vision of The Old Mill is still a work in progress which we can't wait to share with you, our guests.